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GOP Candidates Attend
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2014 Stable of GOP

News Headline

For Immediate Release:

November 16, 2014

Charles Town, West Virginia

On November 15th, 2014 the Jefferson County Republican Executive Committee met in regular monthly session. During the meeting, the Committee deliberated on a request for removal of the Shepherdstown Representative, S. Chris Anders, from the Committee. After extensive discussion, including comments from guests in attendance, the Committee voted 7-1 to remove Mr. Anders from the Committee, as permitted by the by-laws governing the conduct and operation of the Committee as well as the by-laws of the Republican State Executive Committee of West Virginia.

Mr. Anders recently moved to West Virginia from Maryland and is the West Virginia State coordinator for Campaign for Liberty, an organization that teaches and practices confrontational politics (Elliot Simon, a columnist for The Spirit of Jefferson, is the Jefferson County Coordinator for Campaign for Liberty). Mr. Anders’ insistence on focusing the Committee on a resolution distracted the Committee’s attention from the upcoming election for over three months. His misinformation and misleading mass e-mails directly harmed the campaigns of Republican candidates. He painted the members of the Committee falsely with deceptive and untruthful methods, putting public pressure on fellow Committee members to approve a resolution which was arguably outside the Committee’s state mandated purview, but also contained multiple and easily detectable flaws.

The purpose of the Executive Committee is to advance the principles and interests of the Republican Party. Because of the disruptive behavior of Mr. Anders and his betrayal of the organization’s purpose, the Committee was placed in the position of having to take this rare and extreme action. Never the less, the Jefferson County GOP remains a diverse group with a history of welcoming a wide variety of constructive Republican individuals and ideals.

Further information concerning this action can be found at jcwvgop.org/resources above.

Mike Ashley
Republican Executive Committee
Jefferson County, West Virginia

GOP Wins Big!

Friends, Republicans, Voters, Citizens;
Thank you for participating in the American experience, granted us by our ancestors, protected by so many throughout history, and planted firmly in our grasps. Every 2 years we enjoy, sometimes endure, the rejuvenation of the Republic. November 4th, 2014 was a bellwether for our future.
But now we turn our attention to governing. We, the citizens, must not seep back into complacency. Our magnificent system of self government requires the constant attention of the people to stave the tendency towards tyranny. Stay ever vigilant in the workings of your government, make yourself heard.
I invite everyone to contact the incumbents and newly elected. Give them your insight, be involved in the process. Keep informed! The web and social media give you instant access to your officials. Use it.
We in the Jefferson County GOP will endeavor to keep you informed as well. As we continue to strengthen the local party, we will pursue your involvement. You are the GOP! Now let’s do some great things.
In Liberty and Freedom,
Mike Ashley

JCREC Monthly Meeting

The Jefferson County Republican Executive Committee will meet on Saturday, January 10th, at 9:00 a.m. Location to be announced.  All registered Republicans are encouraged to attend.  For more information  call 304-596-3GOP

“The Government is best which governs the least, because its people discipline themselves.”

Thomas Jefferson